Gun Debate : What Guns Debate

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Citizens of the United States have always owned guns or had access to them given certain restrictions. Mark O’Mara a CNN legal analyst who is also a criminal defense attorney that speaks on issues related to race and self-defense wrote and article called “Gun Debate? What Gun Debate”. In this article he speaks about many incidents involving school shootings, that we should put “Reasonable Restrictions” on guns and if we add more restrictions on guns then the government will abolish all weapons in the United States. O’Mara brings up a school shooting that recently happened in Oregon where a 15 year old armed with a firearm took the life of one of their 14 year old class mates. I was not able to find anything about this school shooting on the Internet but I did find a school shooting that happened at a community college. This has nothing to do with anything about gun restrictions because citizens are not allowed to own a firearm at the early age of 15 years old. If anything this is the parent not doing anything to keep the guns out of a child’s reach. If the 15 year old didn’t have access to a gun because it was locked up, this most likely would not have happened. This is how most of the school shootings are, because of an under aged kid to have parents that don’t lock the guns up. With O’Mara saying, “We accept collateral damage for other privileges we enjoy.” He uses this sentence in the context that we have accepted school shootings along with mass shootings as collateral damage. Even if we have accepted them as that which we haven’t, no privilege comes along with accepting those. Get the parents of the victims of school shootings and tell them that their children were just collateral damage for the rest of society and see how th... ... middle of paper ... ...t situations like these and not being second guessed whether he is wrong or write. I do believe in his mind this article made sense. But in ways he was also in the wrong trying to use the emotional attachment from school shootings to bring in his readers but being incorrect saying that guns restrictions would have stopped the situation from happening. He also provided a solution by saying he would agree to reasonable gun restrictions but not providing what gun restrictions are reasonable to him. Also believing talking on the point that more gun restrictions could lead to the United States completely getting rid of firearms for the whole nation. I know when I become of age to own a hand gun, ill make sure to go to a class so I know that I have the correct permits and training to be able to carry the firearm correctly and protect myself for the crazy people out there.
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