Gun Control and the Increase in Crime Rates

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There are so many rules and laws instituted in many countries so as to oppose or propose the use of gun control. Many people consider the issue of gun control as a criminal issue but for others this is an issue that is acceptable by law. Although there are some schools of thought which advocates for the adoption of the gun control, I conquer with the group that opposes the possession of firearms. It becomes an issue when you learn in the news that someone has been shot and died. It is even becoming extremely unbearable to hear news about a student who has shot his classmates in an incident of mass shooting. Especially, when we hear that there have been no steps implemented regarding this issue; instead we hear that the government is advocating for such acts. I do not conquer with the notion of gun control because of several reasons. One of the reasons why I am against gun control is the expectation of an increase in crime rates. Although many say that this issue causes the reduction in crime rates, there is nothing that it really does to the crime rates that we see everyday; ...

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