Gun Control: The Cause And Effects Of Gun Violence

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When talking about solutions to prevents deaths of innocent civilians involving guns there are usually two responses. The first is to let everyone arm themselves with guns allowing those unable to physically defend themselves, do so with ease. The second option is to regulate guns so that civilians cannot come into possession of any arms, in order to prevent future school shootings and end gun violence. It’s normally between these two choices that people tend to fall under, normally criticizing the other for being ignorant. However, neither of these decisions are unreasonable solutions to the problem at hand. But what is the problem at hand? Is it really about owning a gun, or is it about stopping violence. Guns are inanimate objects that…show more content…
The most terrifying factor is that the mental stability of someone can change without warning or worsen over time unnoticed. A majority of these are undetectable and can be caused by numerous variables. “There is no single cause for mental health disorders; instead, they can be caused by a mixture of biological, psychological and environmental factors”(Mental Health Problem Symptoms, Causes and Effects) However out of all the listed factors the most influential is believed to be environmental due to the fact that areas that have the most gun violence share similar conditions and criminal activity, “Within cities, both violent crime and gun homicide by youths are concentrated in neighborhoods with high levels of poverty, drug dealing, and/or gang activity.” (Tita, George) Growing up in conditions like these tend to develop a violent mentality in young adults, and without a doubt influence most to commit crimes and partake in illegal actions. Being a topic of interest the NGIC began a research on gang activities in 2011 and discovered that gun violence is centered towards criminal activities rather improper use of guns or school

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