Gun Control Essay

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What is the need for gun control? The necessity of gun control is one of the most debatable topics today, and one of the reason for gun control is to get the guns out of the wrong hands. 33 million Americans own firearms for hunting, but hunting is not the sole reason for which many citizens of America purchase firearms. Of all countries, the United States is one of the top countries that is troubled by a large number of criminals who are in possession of guns even without registrations. According to the FBI report for the year 2013 the amount of murders (not counting robberies or any other violent crimes that involved firearms) in that year alone added up to 8,454, and for the year 2014 the amount rose to 9,275. That is an 821 point increase…show more content…
Ironically enough, white, southern men are one of the highest groups of people to own guns (White). As the technology, build, and practicality of the hand gun changed over the past couple of hundred years, so has the increased want and demand. Of course, as more people started owning guns, the crime rate and deaths by gun shot up. Basically, it used to be every man for himself. As the government started worrying farther than just setting the rules, but actually having people abide by the rules, laws and restrictions were set to try to regulate who owned guns, and why they would use them. In 1934, Congress first started regulating the sale of automatic firearms. Not until four years later did the government think to make it federal law to require gun sellers to be licensed, and to prohibit felons from purchasing them (Policy Issue). Even with rules that shops were supposed to follow; there are loopholes. The problem with some people in the U.S. is they will go buy guns because they have no criminal record, and then sell it to someone who is willing to pay them for the gun. Different laws over the years, still standing and also withdrawn, have spelled out different ideas of regulations, “The Gun Control Act of 1968 regulated imported guns, expanded gun-dealer licensing requirements, and expanded the list of persons not eligible to buy guns to include person convicted of any…show more content…
The opposers of gun control will fight it unconstitutional to take away citizens ' rights to have a gun in their house or with them as they please, but is that literally what the Amendment meant? Let 's all carry around guns so when we feel scared or threatened we can pull it out to scare someone or even hurt them? Definitely not. People for guns will show that in no way does having a gun mean you are going to abuse owning it. That 's not the point. The point is that if something did go wrong in the person 's mind or in a situation, it is easily preventable for them to not go to jail for attempted murder because they pulled out a gun. Phil Dotree tries to explain, "Potential criminals are scared away from home invasions, and other types of crime by the threat of a gun. Tightly controlling gun use could therefore lead to more crime," (Dotree). If the government controlled gun use, how would crime increase? The idea of controlling who buys, and sells guns is not to take them away from defenseless people, but to take them away from the bad guys who make good people feel defenseless. Opposers also argue that the
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