Gun Control And The Second Amendment

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Gun Control and the Second Amendment

Gun control has always been a popular debate, but it has recently resurfaced due to the multitude of current crimes committed in the United States involving guns. This outbreak has caused man to push heavier gun laws which could potentially restrict gun ownership. Background checks and limiting magazine size is the staple of most gun bills. Gun control is controversial because it is a contemporary issue that has a group of Americans in uproar over the lack of firearm restrictions. This group is in favor of pushing legislation to cut back on guns, but there is another large portion of the population that opposes such laws because they infringe on the second amendment right to bear arms. Proponents of gun control believe new gun laws that would take guns from everyone would reduce the amount of violent gun crimes in the US. This group also believes that having guns in households increases the chances of accidental death by firearm. The opposition to the proposed laws believe that no matter how many laws are passed and no matter how strict they might be, criminals will still get their hands on firearms and the population would be left defenseless. Although many people believe gun control laws would be beneficial and reduce crime, it is important to realize that criminals will still get weapons and in the end it is the American people who are being hurt by gun control laws- not criminals.
In recent years, there have been numerous shootings that have raised concern over gun laws. People are shot and killed every day throughout the US and a portion of the population believes that gun laws would reduce the number of shootings. One of the more notable sho...

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...en to do the opposite of what they are intended to do, which is to decrease gun violence. The popular gun control debate has become more prominent because of the recent attacks that have been given large amounts of publicity. Guns are not the issue in these mindless killings, the problem is with the people using the weapons on innocent civilians. Laws are not what need to be changed, and it is not stricter gun policy that this country needs. This country needs less violence projected through media, movies, TV shows, and video games. The root cause of the mass murders is the fact that young kids are being raised in poor family conditions that they feel have nothing to turn to but violence. For this reason, it is important to the proponents of gun control to realize the true enemy, culturally influenced violence, and to stop attacking the rights of the American people.
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