Gun Control

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“The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (Constitution, Amendment II). Every year hundreds of thousands of people use guns to protect themselves and their property. Gun control has been a debate for years but the real question is what can help reduce the violent crime, and I say reduce because there really is no way to solve it. Let’s be honest the people that are already committing these crimes don’t care about the law they have already proven that. In addition to that what’s to stop illegal gun sales at illegal markets? So how can the victims be better prepared to face those situations if the need ever arises, the answer is education not gun control laws. By educating ourselves in gun safety, monitoring the video games children play, and with the governments help making sure those guns stay out of dangerous hands, the best they can. We can all be better prepared to defend and protect ourselves. Putting in more gun control laws will not help, it will lower the amount of jobs and money brought into the community as well as leave others with no way to p...

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