Gun Control

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Gun control is a huge controversy all over the United States. For the protection of all gun control should be limited allowing Americans to purchase and carry weapons.
There are many reasons why it is a safe for the public if we allow society to possess weapons. People who are comfortable with guns would feel much safer in society. Non-Criminal gun owners do not have guns to kill people. They are purchasing them to protect themselves from the criminals who have guns to harm the public. In a dangerous situation lives could be saved if standby people have weapons on them. For example, the shooting in Aurora, Colorado in a movie theater could have had a less significant death toll if a person in the theater had a weapon on hand. There are numerous other examples such as the Sandy Hook and Columbine school shootings. If there were campus supervisors or school officials who carried weapons into the schools to protect the students those shootings would not have had as great of a mortality rate. In public places, such as schools or movie theaters society wants to be feel safe, but how can people protect society from criminal acts
Dunker 2 such as these if we enforce strict weapon laws and are not capable of protecting ourselves.
Women would be able to prevent attacks, rapes, and kidnappings if they could protect themselves. Many women feel unsafe walking at night, on their way home from work, or in an unknown area. If they could have guns, they would not always need to be fearful to do daily activities that they need to do. People have the right to protect themselves and it is imperative to let them do so. Police officers cannot protect everyone all the time with how many crimes there are out there unnoticed people have to p...

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... way too much power if society was able to possess weapons.
Just because there will be regulations and gun safety involved does not mean that all of society will abide by it. People will disobey the system, and that means not everyone out there who has weapons knows the safety precautions. It is already dangerous enough that people have guns illegally. Putting guns in the hands of all of society will create a greater problem then there already is. Creating strict laws with harsh punishments to ban guns will force society to get rid of their weapons and to help make a safer country.
There are many issues that come with allowing concealing weapons and because of that it is not ethical to pass the laws to promote society to have weapons. There is no reason that the public needs weapons and or hand guns and that is why gun control laws must be put into effect.