Gun Control

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Gun violence is on the rise in America, especially, with the younger generations. Every time the news is on or a newspaper is opened, there seems to be a report on a gun shooting. This could be in the form of a school shooting, gang violence, or an unhappy teenager or adult mad at someone. Something needs to be done to preserve the younger generation from a lifestyle of violent behavior involving guns. The issue at hand is not knowing what is causing such erratic behavior. It is not until after the shooting that investigators are determining why the individual used a gun to kill. Much research needs to be conducted on what is needed to stop an individual before the incidents occur and laws need to be created to keep guns out of the wrong hands. History Within the United States, gun control has been identified as a major issue for many years. Many government officials have portrayed gun control as a way to reduce criminal activity. The governmental view is to take guns away from individuals. In fact, this form of control dates back to the pre-Revolution (Gettings & McNiff, 2013) During this time period, gun control legislation was designed to keep firearms away from African Americans, which in turn, triggered issues with discrimination (Gettings & McNiff, 2013). The discrimination and type of gun control continued even after the Civil War. Around the end of the 19th century, gun control changed focus. Gun control legislation focused heavily on being anti-immigration (Gettings & McNiff, 2013). Later on in history; another gun control law was enacted and was known as the, Gun Control Act of 1968 (Vizzard, 2013). This particular law was aimed at reducing crime by removing guns that were inexpensive and banning them (Vizzard, 2013... ... middle of paper ... ... States safe. Reference Cohen, M. (2013, December 13). A year after newtown, america's gun carnage continues with no end in sight. Retrieved from Eppers, A. (2009). Quotable quote. Retrieved from Gettings, J., & McNiff, C. (2013). Milestones in federal gun control legislation. Retrieved from Major shooting incidents in the united states. (2013, December 13). Retrieved from Vizzard, W. (2013). The gun control act of 1968.Mississippi Gun News. Retrieved from
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