Gun Control

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One of the most proclaimed topics in America today is the lack of control laws the US government upholds. Although the US government has laws against certain situations but still there are many incidents occurring in the US daily. With these events people of America are feeling uncomfortable leaving their homes and even feeling unsafe in their homes. Daily events that occur in America due to lack of Gun control enforcement are more death occurrences, mass shootings, and controversial issues.
Guns in America are accepted as long as you are of age and have a permit to legally carry a firearm. The issue of that the US government have no idea of the reasoning why the buyers are equipping these guns, with those guns being handed in to the private hands of American citizens its only by faith what those people will do with this firearm. According to Reno (1993) in Promising strategies, To Reduce Gun Violence, “In 1996 (the most recent year for which are available), 34,00 people died from gunfire in the United States. Of these deaths, approximately 54 percent resulted from suicide, 41 percent resulted from homicide, and 3 percent were unintentional.” (Section I). Guns were meant to protect you and others that may be around but is it ethical to take another man/women’s life? In my observation I believe that only law enforcements should be able to carry firearm, there are many ways to protect your family without the use of guns.
Therefore, mass shootings would have a dramatic drop if gun are completely only used by law enforcements. In the article The ‘Ugly’ Truth About Mass Shootings Johnson states “Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) statistics analyzed by Fox prove that there have been, on average, roughly 20 mass shootings per yea...

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...rust in themselves are fools, but those who walk in wisdom are kept safe” (New International Version Proverbs 28:26). Basically believe in God before you believe in yourself with a gun, you can do so much for yourself with protection and all but God has rain over everything and he will show you the way and guide you and protect you.

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