Guilt: Relationship in the Office

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It had been three weeks since everything had started. It was honestly an accident the first time but after that it was just a normal thing. Ray had never been one for parities but was dragged along by Michael three weeks ago and then ended up in Joel’s bed underneath him begging for Joel’s hands on his body. Joel was drunk out of his mind when it happened and didn’t even remember the night until the next morning when he felt Ray’s light body over the top of his. Joel remembered the good feeling and asked if it could be a normal thing. Now it was three weeks and Joel started to feel this deep feeling in the pit of his gut. It made him cringe every time I saw Ray. Their nights together happened less often but that feeling Joel felt was even stronger. Burnie started to notice this as well, but then again Burnie noticed when anything was off in the office. Joel really remembered that fact when he would hear a tapping on his door. “Alright what’s going on?” Burnie asked him. “What are you talking about?” Joel asked. “I know you. You’re not being your normal paranoid self.” Burnie said as he walked into Joel’s office and closed the door behind him. He put his hand on Joel’s shoulder and Joel tensed up. “So what’s up?” “I don’t know… I just… I’ve sort of been seeing someone.” Joel said burying his face in his hands. “I feel like they should be doing something more than just being with me…” “Are you dating or just fucking?” Burnie asked moving away and sitting on down on the edge of Joel’s desk. “Just fucking. It’s just for fun.” Joel shrugged. “Are you still having fun?” Burnie asked. “I’m having more fun that I have with anyone else in a while Burnie.” Joel admitted. “So you’re feeling guilty because you don’t want to waste this pe... ... middle of paper ... I loved you before this all started and I’m glad I could tell you now.” Ray smiled and rubbed his thumbs over Joel’s cheeks. The motion made Joel chuckle and he leaned close to Ray letting Ray’s arms warp around neck. Joel put his arms around Ray and held him tight not wanting to let go. But when they separated to catch their breath they both shared a smile. “I love you Ray.” “I love you Joel.” Joel properly asked Ray out for dinner that night, after Ray was done with his work, and the two actually had a lot of fun. They laughed at stupid stories and dumb jokes. When Joel knew it was time to leave Ray decided spending the night was the better idea. Ray stayed and they just cuddled on Joel’s couch watching old movies. The two barely spoke but they didn’t need to. Everything they needed to say was already said. They had one another and that was all that mattered.
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