Guardians Of The Galaxy

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What is a superhero? Some would argue that a superhero is a fictional character with super powers. Although this definition holds some truths, there is so much more when delving into what a superhero actually is. Guardians of the Galaxy, although goofy and very original, accurately portrays the true meaning and expectations of our superheroes. In order to be a superhero a person must take risks that involve huge sacrifice and they must be willing to take the initiative to help make a society a better place for the greater good, all of which can be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, which some would argue is more so a comedy than superhero movie.
In the beginning Guardians of the Galaxy, you are introduced to the protagonist, Peter Quill, as
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This type of sacrifice typically is never seen in normal superhero movies. Usually the heroes don’t have to die for the greater good. One more major scene in the film that portrays this type of heroism is when the Guardians face Ronan in the end of the film. It shows the Guardians standing around Ronan as he is about to destroy the planet with the infinity stone. Peter Quill starts dancing in order to distract him so Drax and Rocket could knock the hammer from his hand. Peter then jumps and grabs the stone from the ground. Which was extremely risky because the stone usually decimates the holder. Then all the guardians reached out and interlocked hands equally sharing the power of the orb. Ronan is then defeated and the Guardians manage to save the plant. Which was the followed by a little Groot dancing. Another example of this risk taking and sacrifice is when the Guardians first teamed up together and risked it all to escape from the intergalactic prison. This was an incredibly serious and risky mission that was completed through strength and courage and a little bit of humor. Something this movie does is it is always does is it fills up all the serious moments with comic relief so it’s possible to miss or not fully understand all the greatness that these superheroes
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