Growth and Prosperity

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Growth and Prosperity Growing older is something that is as inevitable as death. It is not up to us whether we will grow in age, but we can control how we embrace our never ending journey. As American anthropologist, educator, and writer, Loren Eiseley, once said “To grow is to gain, an enlargement of life…Yet it is also a departure. There is something lost that will not return.” Eiseley looked at life as a continuous advance, to make each day better then the last. He also notices that with every gain there is a lose, whether it be youth, innocence, or even lost moments. The key to life is to not ponder on the lost moments, but to learn from the experiences and continuously grow as a person. As a child or teen, life seems to come and go without much thought put into deeper meaning. High school, for the most part, is a social gathering, a fashion show, or just another intrusion from a day of video games. Not many students think of actually learning and comprehending single cell anemia in Biology 101, but rather focus on passing the weekly quiz so that mom or dad does not take away...
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