Growth Hormones or Nah?

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Imagine a drug. This drug can make you super athletic and give you that muscular body that people worldwide always see on TV and admire. Would you take it? If you scared of being caught using a steroid type drug, do not worry, this drug will not fail you that easily. This drug will not be caught in most PED tests and the chances of someone being caught are extremely low. It has the power of a steroid but it can make it look like you have taken no drug at all. Would you take this drug with super powers? Well, stop dreaming buddy, because this drug with hall of fame talent is real. People, please give a warm welcome to the next generation of steroids, the one and only, the human growth hormone. This protein acronymed HGH, is a natural hormone found in all of us: raising the concentration of glucose, an important sugar and free fatty acid for providing our bodies with energy to function properly. In humans and other animals Hgh plays an important role in, cell reproduction, regenerating or recovering muscles, most notably growth. For the moment, most of the highest forms of competition such as the Olympics, the Major League Baseball(MLB), National Football League(NFL), and the NCAA have banned using HGH as a supplement. Despite this ban, many players are currently debating against their league officials to legalize this drug of youth. HGH-- dangerous, useless, deceiving--should be banned in sports. First and foremost HGH is still somewhat of an unidentified drug. Most doctors do not really know much about its effects on performance enhancement, except for its role in growth such as in bones and muscles. The main reason that athletes take HGH is for performance enhancement. Athletes want to become stronger, faster, and more domina... ... middle of paper ... ...not necessary improve athletic performance like steroids and other PEDs. Furthermore, we understand that HGH actually helps injured athletes, athletes that are inactive so they may be losing muscle mass, keep or preserve their muscle mass that they have worked so hard for. But, evidence shows us that an athlete’s speed increases and muscle gain/fat loss is possible through intaking HGH. This would create an unequal, unfair advantage over other players. In an athletic world without drugs such as HGH interfering with one’s career, the athlete will solely depend on their work ethic to improve their game. By teaching the importance of working hard, it will help the athletes succeed in other aspects of life. Through banning HGH for athletes, we can teach everyone the importance of not relying on drugs and shortcuts but to rely on your own work ethic to do things in life.

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