Growing up from Trauma

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Growing Up Growing up is a common theme used in literature. Authors spend a lot of time developing their main characters so we as the reader can watch them grow. Often times in a novel the protagonist will go through a traumatic life experience that forces them to grow up at a young age. These traumatic experiences force characters to either sink or swim, and have a huge impact on their personas. The literary theme of young girls being forced to grow up is predominant in Patricia McCormick’s Sold, Ruta Sepetys’ Between Shades of Gray and Jamie Blair’s Leap of Faith, as we as readers watch the young protagonists deal with and grow from the difficult experiences they face throughout their journeys. Typically in literature authors make their protagonists dynamic characters who go through a significant change. A lot of these changes result from a traumatic experience that force them to mature. In adolescent literature the main character is frequently very young and typically has to deal with issues that normal teenagers don’t even have to think about. There are many similarities between the novels: Leap of Faith, Sold, and Between Shades of Gray. The main character in all of these novels is a adolescent girl. All three girls go through a type of journey that forces them to grow up at a quick pace. The difficulties they face throughout their journeys help them grow and learn about how strong they really are. All three protagonists are horribly mistreated by people with more power. Another similarity in these novels is that the main character leaves their home to start a new life, either by force or by choice. Lina from Ruta Sepetys’ Between Shades of Gray is exiled to Siberia with her family. Lakshmi from Patricia McCormick’s Sold i... ... middle of paper ... ...t through meant nothing. Lakshmi’s ability to keep her spirits high shows how much she has matured from everything she's been through. When the American offers to take her to a safe place, Lakshmi is unsure about trusting him because of all the lies she has been told by the people she once trusted. She has faith that he will save her and she decides to pack up her things with a hopeful attitude. She loses some faith as time passes and he doesn’t come back but she never gives up completely, she writes, “I know something else as well. I know that I would endure a hundred punishments to be free of this place” (260). This relates back to the advice Ama gave her about how to simply endure is to triumph. Lakshmi does triumph, she endures so much suffering but never gave up hope. Lakshmi is so brave and truly developed as a person as a result of her painful journey.
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