Growing Up in San Francisco- Personal Narrative

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Growing Up in San Francisco- Personal Narrative Although I was born in Salem, Oregon, my earliest memories are from San Francisco, California. My parents came to California to start over and find a better life. For a while we lived on a bus parked in front of a friend's house. When I was three years old, we moved to Potrero Hill, an area of low-income housing projects in the big city. A very famous man, O.J. Simpson, grew up there, but that was before my time. Potrero Hill was a bad neighborhood, so bad that you could not get a pizza delivered there and forget about calling the cops because they would not come. I remember the first and last time I saw a cop drive through our neighborhood. Three men from the neighborhood chased his car with baseball bats and smashed his window. The only bad thing that ever happened to my family was getting our windows broken out with garbage cans. This occurred almost every night for the first couple of months we lived there. Eventually we had to put boards over the glass to prevent ...
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