Growing Up I Had Parental Support, A Great School And A Drive For Learning

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Q1. Growing up I had parental support, a great school and a drive for learning. I always made good grades and never really struggled throughout my school career. It never crossed my mind the reality that some children and adults didn’t have those same opportunities or outcomes as I did. For the last 4 years I have worked in the nonprofit sector. My most recent position I worked at Literacy Mid-South in Memphis, TN. We provided tutors for adults who read at a sixth grade reading level or below. We also worked with area education non-profits providing resources, sustainability training, and a collaborative venue to talk about trends and best practices. I worked with the adult learning program. The reality was that in my hometown 1 in 7 Memphians couldn’t read. Another harsh truth was that many of our 3rd graders were chronically behind. This was also seen across the state. Even in my own family I tutored my 80 year old grandfather who only went to 8th grade. All his life he wanted to attend college and move up on jobs, but the thought of school reminded him of prison and he struggled with his reading. These are the reasons I want to be apart of Purpose Prep. I want to be apart of a team of people who will not allow statistics to set the tone for our children’s education and their future well-being. I agree with Purpose Prep’s method of setting a college bound mentality as early as possible. I believe in being proactive and reactive at the same time. Q2. I believe self-esteem is vital. I believe in order for a student to achieve they must have self-esteem. Studies have proven that self-esteem aids greatly in academic performance especially in urban youth. Students with self-esteem believe in themselves. Self-esteem helps you ... ... middle of paper ... students attending and some being bullied for not having a name brand. These schools both followed procedure, but had to adjust based on the unique challenges of where they served. Q6 I pride myself in timeliness. If a task however was about to be late, I would probably be aware of this beforehand. I would first be honest with my superior that the task will be late. If this causes repercussions I would deal with them. If the task was a large one I would ask for help, ask for an extension or work late and try to get it done. Before it even got to that point I would at all cost try to avoid this using time management skills. Unexpected things happen such as family issues which could cause a task to be late. If something unexpected came up, I feel honesty is the best policy. Once again, I feel this can be avoided by time management and knowing when to ask for help.
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