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Lauren Poole Candyce Sweet ENGL 1020-10 30 April 2014 Technology is Growing I do not believe that technology is taking over, but it is and will definitely keep expanding and going forward. We can compare the technology within the movie I Robot and the technology in today’s world and see that technology will not take over and why we as humans need technology. It will keep expanding for three main reasons, communication, knowledge and because humans are more comfortable with technology and expect it to grow. Technology is not taking over, only growing. Communication is very important and is very easy to do today because of technology. In the movie I Robot, Spooner thinks that the robots are useless and somewhat dangerous, as Spooner states, “You know Gigi, those robots don't do anybody any good.” Computers and telephones have advanced so much, that without it, we would go crazy trying to figure out how to talk to one another. Too many people today take technology for granted. Like for example, when their phone dies and they need to talk to someone they get frustrated and may do something like break their phone. This is where I see technology having a tiny problem, but it all can be fixed once they respect the technology that they have in their hand. Technology gives us all social benefits that we do not want to lose. We can compare V.I.K.I in the movie I Robot to Siri from today’s Apple iOS. Besides V.I.K.I being dangerous and controlling the robots, it is very similar to Siri because they both can help human needs. Like for example, we use Siri every day to help us find directions to our destination or just to simply call a friend. V.I.K.I was used to help control the robots, which also helped humans with whatever they needed. Tec... ... middle of paper ... ...obot is the near future, but they will not be a threat. Works Cited Dosi, Giovanni Orsenigo, Luigi Labini, Mauro Sylos "Technology and the Economy." The Handbook of Economic Sociology. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2005. Credo Reference. Web. 27 April 2014. I Robot. Dir. Alex Proyas. Perf. Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, and Bruce Greenwood. 2004. Film. Johnson, Allan G "Technology." The Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 2000. Credo Reference. Web. 27 April 2014. Mohun, Arwen P. "Consumer Technology." Encyclopedia of American Studies. : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010. Credo Reference. Web. 27 April 2014. "Technology." Key Concepts in Work. London: Sage UK, 2007. Credo Reference. Web. 27 April 2014. ULLRICH, OTTO "Technology." The Development Dictionary. London: Zed Books, 2010. Credo Reference. Web. 27 April 2014.

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