Growiing Canada

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Although World War Two was depressing and full of sorrows, it brought honour and recognition in Canadian history from World War Two to end of post-war era. Canada developed positively from 1945 to 1967, through resolving world conflicts, introduction of technological evolution and immigration reforms shaping and identifying it as a developed and multicultural country.
Canada progressed on the international scene through great contribution in the United Nations resolving world conflicts. Lester.B.Pearson, as the External affairs minister of Canada, represented Canada in United Nations on the world stage gaining Canada international recognition. Pearson's vital role in the formation of UNEF (United Nations Emergency Forces) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967 recognizing Canada with glory on the international scene. In addition, Canada participated in peacekeeping missions conducted by the United Nations during the Suez Crisis and Korean War. Pearson's unprecedented contribution in United Nations as well as Canadian involvement in dipl...
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