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It was nice to have the opportunity to be with our groups tonight. Getting to know each person was beneficial and will only help our group’s development over time. It was reassuring that the individuals in our group had a similarity, whether it was direct or indirect—we are all looking for at least one specific thing—empowerment. In addition, it was helpful for me to understand that although group sessions are typically a serious time, it is also okay to lighten up the mood and simply enjoy the time that is being spent together. A few of our group’s personal rules are: confidentiality, digging deep, and speaking up when we don’t like something. Confidentiality is very important to our group as the things we share will be personal, which leads…show more content…
Initial anxiety is when one is “anxious about getting the group started and about keeping it moving” (Corey, 2016). The term initial anxiety it targeted towards group leaders, however, we did not have a group leader and I felt the anxiety inside of me. One of the feelings that come with initial anxiety is “what do the participants really expect of me?” Taking this away from the leader perspective, I was feeling a little nervous being I did not know what my group would be expecting out of me and how well our group would get along. I knew that everyone in our group got along, but after watching the video today in class, it was a bit nerve-wracking to walk into a group session. In these group sessions, I would also like to practice utilizing the listening skills that are listed on pages 22-27. Knowing, being aware, and practicing these skills will only be beneficial in the long run. When I look at the listening skills that will benefit not only leading group sessions but also individual sessions, I would like to work on the practice of restating. It always feels awkward to me to repeat words back to clients, but in reality, repeating these words back help the client/group to continue thinking and process what is actually being

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