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Entry #1 14/11/2013 During the first few weeks of the course I was introduced to many aspects of group communication. An essential feature of learning is to be able to work within a group environment. As our class is comprised of multicultural students, all students find themselves working in a group environment that is formed from students of different culture, age, gender and religious beliefs. Therefore there may be a language barrier between students. On reflection I have noticed how being allocated to a group rather than choosing a group myself, would express the formation of groups in a professional environment. In an actual workplace setting, people are allocated to certain groups without being able to choose one. Therefore it appears that becoming an active member of a group without participating in the formation of it exhibits real world practicalities. The creation of team mentality comes from the development of communication and trust between each and every group member. Collective learning in a group has helped me to analyze problems for example understanding a theory and being able to approach it from different angles. I suppose this has enabled me to a better understand of the class material. A good team/ group is made up of members who are able to speak up and able to express their ideas directly and effectively. This shows the groups ability to communicate constructively. One of the major advantages of working in a group for me was, getting out of my comfort zone and communicating with other members of the group. Now I clearly have a better understanding of the course material, group work and problem b... ... middle of paper ... ...resting and interactive. One of the most important lessons that I learnt during the past few weeks of this course was that how important communication is in a group. Without good communication skills, a group is not able to function well. Not only does this apply in PBL scenario as well as real world problems that are solved in a group. Looking back at the PBL tasks completed, I can say I now know what makes a task workout well. Doing the essential reading and research before hand is very important. In addition being on time to group meetings is vital. Furthermore, each and every group members should have a good knowledge about the topic and should be able to resolve group conflict. I feel that I have significantly improved my skills in group work such as, communication and conflict resolution and I am looking forward to applying and using these skills in real life.

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