Group Presentation: A Great Way to Build Trust

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A group presentation is a great way to build trust, as well as weaving out natural born leaders. Based on the communication between the group members, our group worked together well and was able to push forward to our goal. A presentation that would well inform the audience on the problems surrounding nuclear proliferation. Positions of who held leadership shifted a lot. Mainly, leadership was shifted based on who showed the most outreach and initiative. Originally, Matt started out as the primary leader because he seemed to have the most knowledge concerning the topic. But as work schedules changed and other worldly issues worked their ways in. The leadership switched to whoever was able to meet and or talk. So at that point, leadership pretty much shifted to whoever was available. Though nearing the end of preparation, everyone came together so we could be ready for the presentation as a group. Nothing keeps a group on task better then a strong leader. Now with that said, anyone can be a leader; but only certain people can be great ones. Great men in history such as, John F. Kenne...
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