Group Dynamics : An Eye Opening Experience

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Group Dynamics, was an eye opening experience. Diving into any group setting, has you wading with people from all different backgrounds nonetheless; there is no way of knowing how those differences will play out, unless you watch the dynamics first hand. I have seen personalities unravel and clash into one another, inevitably leaving one wounded while the other down played the exchange. Every individual views things differently; a leader should to be flexible to accommodate a variety of personalities. It 's not always easy to forgo personal biases, but necessary to bring about a positive change. In the course of self reflection a person with a strong personality will be challenging. The incident between Robert and I exposed a side within that will required finding ways to exhibit a tactful response other than the one previously chosen. There are incidences to be sure, when someone will try and push the others buttons, for a myriad of reasons known only to one. It is of vital importance not to allow that button pusher power over your emotions. Again, I think back to the ...
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