Group Decision Making Advantages And Disadvantages

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5.4 Group decision making benefits:- Group decision making is the process in which multiple individual discuss the problems, analyze the situations and find the solutions. Two to more people involved in group decision making. There are some benefits of group decision making:-  The main advantage of group decision making is number of people involved in this process. They can give the different ideas and solutions. They can give their own opinions on the basis of their knowledge. Eventually, they can reach a superior problem solution.  It is important in group decision making that all group members participate in discussion. It is the time to represent to them. They can exhibit their talent and knowledge.  Group decision making reduces the unreliability of individual decisions.  It enhances the cooperation and team work because decisions accepted by all the group members.  Group…show more content…
The employees work under the expertise supervision which helps them in achieving the organisation business’s goals. The functional manger is responsible and answerable to the head of the organisation. The following are a few advantages and disadvantages of the functional organisation structure:- Advantages:- • Employees feel comfortable and secure. They work without any fear. • There is no partiality regarding work. Every department and employees has the same job responsibilities. • There is clear career path and job security for employees because department is cooperative. • There is no communication problem because employees can talk directly with the functional manager. • When the employees work in groups so in this way they can learn from each other. • All employees are qualified and experience holder in their work and hence they perform very well. • The organisation can also get the benefit from their expertise to achieving the goals of the
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