Group Decision Making

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According to the case study, the web design company is facing different issues in term of decision making, communication and managing information. This can be address by define key issues and outlining varieties approaches and possible solution that can be applied.

Definition: Group decision making is member of people arrived at decision that is satisfactory to each group of member. Member of the group constantly make decision about how they should collaborate, achieve a task or choose new member. They are still individuals but their decision reflects relationships and mutual expectation. (Boddy.2008.) However the number of people involve in decision making will be varies greatly but often choices from two to seven, the group might be demographically similar or quite diverse as individual. According to the case study some group decision making have been highlighted

• Web designers cannot offer new updates to clients unless it has been agreed by management, yet without it, the support system will compromise their website, and hence the service they pay you for.
• Web designers and customer service operators complain that the IT technicians are isolated which mean they do not easy access to their support when dealing with queries. IT feels that without a secure environment to work from their hardware and software could be compromised
• Byist from the 3 managers to certain staff members
• Incorrect or late wage payments
• Staff morale issues due to ever-changing rota, days off and holidays that Sue manage

Reasons: The reason why this decision should be made by group is, both managers and staff will be deciding as it involves two or more people to make decision and requires an agreement before it has been offered to clie...

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...ritical for improving quality and productivity.

Information management might make decision making harder when information is gathered without the purpose has been met. (Dearden & Foster., 1993)Timing is another factor that might affect decision making when the company needed to get information more recent once as they are more useful. Frequency of data needs to be determined and the level of detailed of information needed. different department will need different level of information such as production team will need figures or hours will be more essential than marketing team, as the team will simply need general information whether targets have been achieved or not. How accurate information is, as information need to be clear and presented well. Final factor is cost of information, which the cost consist the collection of information, processing and presenting.
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