Group Communication: Tuck Man's Model Of Group Development

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Intro. Did you ever ask yourself if you could live without communicating with people? We are living in a big world with a seven billion of people. Of course, will not communicate with all of them, but you will need to communicate with a group. We cannot live without this communication because we needed to achieve our goals. As a result, we need to know how doing it and choose a way to do it in the right way. In this paper, I will explain the three models of group development, which one is relating to my group and addendum. I found there one many things you should learn or know about communicating in a group. As a one group of member, you should know your right and your duties. Such as, you should respect you them and make the decision together. If you do not treat your group well, you make a problem and you will not finish your work. The group should work as one and be honest that makes the work done. In October, 2015, I took a class on communicating in group with M.S. Young and I did a group project with my group, so for that reason I am a credible source for this paper. Tuck man 's model of group development: According to Johnson, Surya, Yoon, Berrett, and Fleur in 2002, there are five stages of group development, but I will discuss…show more content…
I chose for Tuck man 's model of group development just there which are forming, storming and performing. And how they are related to my group such as, forming is related because I I saw we need someone to take responsibility, I took it. For the addendum, I explained what each member of team has and what they did. However, a communicating in a group is substantial thing because we will use it in your job, school and community. How to deal with the team to produce important and successful new work , so you need to respect your group and try to understand hot all of us has the same strengths that we

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