Group And Organizational Dynamics Summary

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CLASS SUMMARY OF GROUP AND ORGANIZATIONAL DYNAMICS During the month of August I participated in the class Group and Organizational Dynamics taught by Dr. Dean Kroeker. It is part of the EXCEL Degree Completion Program at Central Christian College. The class enables learners to better understand group behavior, while recognizing the power of group functioning, and how the dynamics within a group impact the effectiveness of an organization. This paper is a review and summary of concepts and theories learned while taking the Group and Organizational Dynamics class. Important topics that included: group versus individual decision making, motivational patterns in group dynamics, conflict, task functions, and maintenance functions. Also included in this paper will be assessments of the class and its level of functioning; assessment of each class member and what task or maintenance function they performed; an assessment of their role in the group; and any assessment of any personal or group conflicts that may have existed. Additionally, based on what was learned in this class, notations on how I can be a better member or facilitator of…show more content…
Professor Stewart L. Tubbs cites in his book, “A Systems Approach to Small Group Interaction”, an experiment whereupon its conclusion stipulated that people initially feel attracted to people in closest proximity to themselves first. I found this to be the case based off the group I was placed in first, as I tended to regard their opinions higher than I did others within our class. After proximity, the second criteria is those who perceive themselves to be similar in attitudes. When I learned that Jack’s SDI color was green, I found myself gravitating to his opinions and
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