Groundwater Contamination Essay

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In addition to water from lakes and rivers, groundwater can also be contaminated. Groundwater contamination can originate from several sources. First of all, groundwater can be contaminated by gas leaks from storage tanks, which have chemicals such as oil). In addition, toxic leaks from landfill sites and leaks of industrial chemicals from manufacturing sites can also cause groundwater contamination, as chemicals can leak into the groundwater if they are not managed properly. Bacteria can also contaminate the groundwater when fertilizers, pesticides, and septic tanks leak. If they are not installed properly and leak, the bacteria and the human waste goes into the groundwater and contaminates it.
Finally, one major contributor of groundwater contamination is simply the chemicals we use every day. These chemicals include rock salt, pesticides,
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For example, gas, road salt, and other harmful chemicals can dissolve in water. As a result, they can soak into the ground through rainfall and contaminate the water underground. Groundwater contamination is very serious and deadly, as it can cause a variety of bodily complications, including but not limited to: Hepatitis, poisoning, and cancer.
Generally speaking, we face two major issues in trying to get rid of toxic chemicals in our freshwater. The first issue is the fact that we don’t know how to stop the chemicals from getting into our groundwater, as the contamination of groundwater cannot be seen, heard, or felt. If we know how to stop the chemicals from contaminating freshwater, we would be able to prevent water pollution before it gets out of hand.
The second main issue is that we don’t have the technology to extract these chemicals. In addition, these chemicals can’t be extracted by our water treatment plants either. If we invented the technology then we can worry less about polluting the water because the contaminants can just be

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