Grooming Your Pet

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Lesson 5 Grooming Your Pet Just like us, our pets require steady grooming habits. Grooming is not only healthy for them it is also an inprotant part of bonding with your pet. While bathing is a major part of grooming, let's look at the smaller, yet equallly important, tasks of grooming. Remember to always be patient with your pet and have a stock of treats at the ready. Regular brushing is a necessity, no matter the type of coat on your pet. Your pet should be brushed at least once a week, even cats. Though your cat is meticulous at staying clean brushing can reduce shedding which in turn reduces hairballs, which nobody likes. If your animal is heavily furred you might have to brush them daily. Purchase the correct type of brush for your pet's coat and one that is comfortable to you, don't worry there are plenty to choose from. Most people don't even think about brushing their dog or cat's teeth but it's very omportant and should be done, ideally, everyday. Brushing your pet's teeth is more about plaque and debris and less so about cavities. There are special toothbrushes and pet to...

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