Grizzly Bear Analysis

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531 words

The gallery I went to was the G2 Gallery in Venice. The images I chose to analyze were from the National Parks of Alaska and Hawaii Exhibit. This exhibit explored distinct elements of each of these areas.
The first image (listed below as 1a) that I selected was “Grizzly Bear” by Carl Battreall, which consisted of a bear trekking through an Alaskan national park during, what seems to be, the beginning of spring. This image was produced to show a bear in an environment that one would not normally perceive as the cold subarctic climate of Alaska, instead showing a world of bright colors and lush green plants. This image is also able to show the bear as it awakes and embarks on the goal of finding food. Even the time of day is able to told as the sun is seen hitting the bear’s fur from the right side. To me, this image is excellent as it makes me feel in tune with …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they went to the g2 gallery in venice to analyze images from the national parks of alaska and hawaii exhibit.
  • Analyzes carl battreall's "grizzly bear" which depicts a bear trekking through an alaskan national park during the beginning of spring.
  • Analyzes how warren fintz's "moonlit kilauea" depicts the scene of the crater on the big island of hawaii.
  • Describes the layout of the gallery, which consisted of several rooms, each with white walls, hardwood floors, and low lighting.

This image depicts the scene of the Kilauea crater on the Big Island of Hawaii. The image is taken from the mountain tops as the clouds flow over the mountain tops and the volcano seems to let out a powerful smoke signal. Although this image is bright and full of color, this picture was actually taken during night time, which can be seen by zooming into the background and seeing the stars. In order for this picture to be taken, the photographer must have set their exposure high while also setting their shutter speed slower than one second in order to capture the shape of the smoke escaping from the volcano. My favorite part of this image is that the center of focus also appears to be the silhouette of a woman, which just adds an extra layer of depth. While I do enjoy this photo, I felt that it was a little clustered due to the inclusion of the all the foliage that does nothing but provide noise. Overall, I believe the photographer was attempting to personify the volcano by showing us the world in which nature exists without

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