Griggs Vs Duke Power Case Summary

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The case Griggs vs. Duke Power Company was filed by Willie Griggs and twelve other African Americans who were employed by the Duke Power’s Dan River hydroelectric plant in Draper North Carolina, the Duke Power Company discriminated against the African-Americans during promotions and hiring processes. This was a case on long history of segregation of employees based on their race. The company also restricted the labor department of the company. The company also instituted an additional diploma requirement for the initial hiring in all the departments except the local department where the African Americans were working. After the civil rights act took effect in 1965 the company requirement expanded to block the minority group working in the labor department from transferring into other department; later the company allowed transferred with added restrictions of a wonderlic test based on mental ability. This to Grigg was discrimination. In the labor department also, those workers that required a highest pay were also paid less and on the other see those other four departments with a low...

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