Grief Poem Analysis

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Love is a strong feeling of affection. Grief is an intense sorrow, especially caused by someone 's death. Poets, Seamus Heaney and Elizabeth Barret have conveyed the theme of grief through their poems, “Grief” and “Mid-Term Break”. Poets, Christopher Brennan and Christopher Marlowe have conveyed the theme of love through their poems “Who Ever Loved That Loved Not At First Sight” and Because She Would Ask Me Why I Loved Her”. All poets study these terms using similar techniques such as, imagery, simile, personification etc. to explore the ideas about the nature of grief and love. Poets Elizabeth Barret and Seamus Heaney, both use similar techniques to explore different idea about the nature of grief. Poem "Grief" by Elizabeth Barret, states…show more content…
Poem "Who Ever Loved That Loved Not At First Sight" is a poem that studies about love by Christopher Marlowe. Unlike other poets, Christopher does not use a wide range of techniques. "Who Ever Loved Not At First Sight" gives a message saying that there is no greater love than love at first sight. The poem is evident that it is about love. The poem uses a consistent rhyming scheme (A,A,B,B,C,C,D,D,E,E,F,F), throughout the whole poem keeping a consisted rhythm. Alliteration of the letter 'w ', "We wish that one should love", and the effect of alliteration is that it mimics the natural synaptic rhythm of the brain. Poem, "Because She Would Ask Me Why I Loved Her," explains he lives to love his partner, not to explain why he feels the way he does. He asserts love is so encompassing it cannot be explained or even justified. Trying to do so would cheapen the emotion. In order to explore the idea of love, Christopher Bennan uses, end rhyme "....make us wise, .... Gaze in eyes;” alliteration "Were spirits free from mortal mesh", metaphor, repetition "I love you now until I die. For must I love because I live", simile and onomatopoeia. The use of end rhyme in the poem creates a rhythm. This poem uses a rhyming scheme throughout the whole poem, meaning it has a musical quality to it because it flows in a rhythmic way. The use of alliteration for the word love, bring out the point more clearly, also because the word 'love ' is repeated in the same stanza, it sticks in the mind giving more power to the poem. Both poems use a rhyming scheme making the poem effective which make the poem flow and gives a rhythm to the
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