Grief And Grief Essay

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Death is defined as the complete loss of brain, respiratory, and cardiac function (Leming, Dickinson, 2016). Its important to mention death can have many definitions to many different cultures. Death is apart of every day life and it’s accompanied with grief and sadness. Just like adults children also experience emotions of grief and sadness when faced with death. When one experience grief after a death, one might experience disorganization of reality, the possibility of a violent reaction, the feeling of guilt, as well as loss and loneliness, and hopefully with time relief and reestablishment of life (Leming, Dickinson, 2016). When a child experiences death they will also experience emotional conflict that many be displayed differently then an adult. According Lemming & Dickinson (2016), children three to five experience grief by regression such as wetting the bed, children six to eight talk openly about the deceased person, age nine to eleven on the other hand seem to be overwhelmed with grief and do not like to talk about the deceased individual, age twelve to fourteen prefer to grief alone and do not like to talk about it, and finally fifty to seventeen can become over whelmed by their grief and have a hard time controlling it. Children therefore have many different ways of coping with death. In this paper we will discuses ways to help children deal and copy with death by initiation of group therapy , the use of drawing , story telling, music, and play therapy. Group support offers people the chance to connect and talk about similar experiences, as well as connect individuals to resources. Bereavement groups have been described as providing a safe space for children to discuss feelings of sadness, anger, guilt and reg... ... middle of paper ... ...88?accountid=158614 Leming, M. R., Dickinson, G. E. (2016). Understanding Dying, Death, & Bereavement. (ed. 8) Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. Roberts, M. (2006). 'I want to play and sing my story': home-based songwriting for bereaved children and adolescents. Australian Journal Of Music Therapy, 1718-34. Scaletti, R., & Hocking, C. (2010). Healing through story telling: an integrated approach for children experiencing grief and loss. New Zealand Journal Of Occupational Therapy, 57(2), 66-71 Weston, F. (2009). Bereavement, part 1: supporting children...third article in a series. British Journal Of School Nursing, 4(7), 345-350. Willis, A. B., Haslam, D. R., & Bermudez, J. M. (2016). HARNESSING THE POWER OF PLAY IN EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED FAMILY THERAPY WITH PRESCHOOL CHILDREN. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 42(4), 673-687. doi:

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