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Gridlock In politics, it is very important for every party to accept the changes made to the government. Sometimes, everything goes smoothly; but other times, it doesn't. When there are disagreements, it can lead to a gridlock. A gridlock happens when there are disagreements within the political bodies of the goverment. It is what we call a "shutdown" of the government; when everything is put on hold until there is a solution. Complications usually occur when there are an equal number of votes for and against a proposed law; hence, cannot seem to come to a conclusion suitable for both parties. But to maintain the stability of the government, someone has to come up with a solution, a compromise, to appease both sides. When the Constitution was founded, it proved to be very controversial. The different opinions led to the political parties Antifederalists and Federalists. Antifederalists opposed a strong central government, they wanted a strong state; while, Federalists wanted to ratify the Constitution, wanting a strong central government. Even today, we have our political parties Democrats and Republicans. Although having different parties gives the people a choice, it can also be detrimental when it comes to political decisions. Belonging to or siding with a specific party creates a bias. This means that no matter what the opposing side says, no matter how reasonable, biased people will stick to their argument. This causes problems in decision making and can lead to a gridlock; when no party is ready to compromise. Recently, the United States goverment had a "shutdown". This could have been prevented, but both parties were adamant on their own argument, they weren't leaving any room for compromise. Many were opposi... ... middle of paper ... been any cooperation between Democrats and Republicans in the United States during the few years before 2010. Eradication of political parties would help decrease the amount of political bias, arguments, and disagreements between parties. When there is a disagreement, in our government, we seem to pass temporary bills to delay the problem until the end of the bill's deadline. This delay can cause major loss in funding and can also increase the threat of the problem. The legislation should try and fix the problem quickly and permanently, so the problem doesn't get bigger and doesn't repeat. Disagreements within people are common, so problems arising within the government is expected. Everything can't go smoothly all the time. However, we should learn to compromise, understand and try to listen to every argument and try to end, if not prevent, oncoming gridlocks.

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