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Green Research
As a society, every human need to have the will and power to invest in advocates of society and nature. Now is the chance for the economy to put the cap on our money and do away with energy issues. Every individual needs to determine necessary steps to make green behavior a law in an effort to save energy, protect the environment, and improve the economy.
Green behavior, also known as green energy, is a sustainable lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual's or society's use of Mothers nature’s resources and humanity’s own resources (What Is Renewable Energy?). Green behavior is a mode of human development in which resource use paths to meet human needs at the same time preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present time but in many generations to come. Green behavior development ties together concern for the carrying capacity of natural systems with the social challenges faced by humanity (What Is Renewable Energy?).
Green energy is good because, its domains are economics, ecology, and politics, and it will benefits the environment and plays a big role in the society today. Green energy is so sustainable architects continue to envision the utopian cities of the future, but one thing is certain; innovation means sustainability. In the midst of a global ecological crisis, architects and designers are relentlessly pursing design strategies that manage to mitigate the toxic byproducts of our consumption habits, while maximizing our use of sustainable energy sources. Meeting these challenges means more deeply integrating green technologies like wind and solar power, natural climate controls and space age materials into the building processes (Macher).
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...een behavior on the part of occupants is as important, if not more important for certain aspects. As a generation, individuals need to be more aware of green energy and how to save more energy and money by living green. As a society individuals need to make green energy laws at the same time improve the economy. In order for everybody to hop aboard the idea of living green and accept and adapt to forward living every individual shall adopt the fact of green behavior. There should be codes to have the society to adapt to green behavior buildings. As a society individuals need to have the will and way to invest in nature to collaborate an eco-friendly environmentally school. But it only changes if as a society change and individuals should make green living, green behavior, and green energy the future needs but present wants for the best of the needs of humanity.
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