Green Marketing In Starbucks

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Marketing plays an essential role for consumers to be acquainted with one’s business and products. The success of the business, for most companies, depends mainly on the campaign strategies. There are different kinds of marketing; some of them might be more aggressive than the others. Its main objective is to be able to create a brand alertness, to infiltrate the wide range of market.
Green Marketing also known as environmental or ecological marketing is building a stronghold in today’s business environment. The concept is based on diminishing an organization’s destructive and injurious impact to the environment by implementing sustainable practices in their marketing activities. It is a radical approach as it tries to pursue sales targets and consumer satisfaction, using limited resources. Many organizations have developed eco-friendly practices as part of
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They seek to go above and beyond traditional marketing by promoting environmental core values in the hope that consumers will associate these values with their product or brand. They have become well known for their commitment to the environment as they have leveraged on sustainable practices as a means to gain market share. The unique scenario of Starbucks is the seamless integration of green marketing strategies in their operational framework. The company’s image is built on their commitment to proper waste disposal and material reductions use. They utilize this campaign framework in teaching their customers on the proper ways on how to reuse, reduce and recycle. Significantly, this has had an impact to the company’s growth and consumer perception. The author will analyses the effectiveness of Starbucks’ green marketing strategies and whether this resulted in a marked improvement in the company’s 6 finances. It will assess the efficiency of these strategies in contributing to the company’s business viability and
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