Green Manufacturing Essay

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The term “green” manufacturing can be defined in two ways. The first term is the manufacturing of “green” products, used in renewable energy systems and clean technology equipment of all kinds. The next term is the “greening” of manufacturing which reducing pollution and waste by minimizing natural resource use, recycling and reusing waste products. Green Manufacturing is a method for manufacturing that minimizes waste and pollution and conserve resources. It slows the depletion of natural resources and also lowering the extensive amounts of trash that enter landfills. Its emphasis is on reducing parts, reusing components and rationalizing materials to help make products more efficient to build. In addition, Green Manufacturing involves not just the use of environmental design of products and use of environmentally friendly raw materials, but also eco-friendly packing, destruction, distribution or reuse after the lifetime of the product.
“Get Smart About Green Manufacturing” is the tittle of the first article. The contents of this article is about how to minimize manufacturing’s environmental impact. Nowadays, they are many company that already involved in green initiatives. In order to continuous improvement, they have to reduce the environmental impact. There are some options to make manufacturing operations more green or getting green, such as taking a class, hiring a consultant or reading about well-known and successful companies. One company should set their goals and target so that they can see and check their track improvements. Besides, it also can help manager who in charge in facilities to assure the accounting department to invest in new technologies, when necessary. The company who has not take green steps in manufa...

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...y burning in thermal oxidizers. In the future, the Fumes to Fuel concept can replace existing air pollution systems because they practice the concept of lower the energy consumption and minimize the greenhouse gases.
In reality, green manufacturing is vital in preserving our natural resources for next generations. It may be costly and requires a lot of determination but many companies have taken the initiative to go green. Besides that, manufacturers also should refuse to create waste, reduce it, reuse resources and finally is recycle. This is because it can saving the company’s money and also saving energy that had been used. Therefore, we also must start thinking of the results of our actions and begin fulfilling the most important purpose that is preserving the earth from future destruction. Hence, consumers will become more “shopping green” freely in the future.
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