Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King

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In Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King, King intertwines stories to create a satire that pokes fun at Indian culture compared to European culture. The book attempts to also poke fun at Judeo-Cristian beliefs by examining the creation story. King makes fun of the story of Adam and Eve. He pokes fun at western civilization and government. Although the book made me laugh some of the meanings behind kings writing puzzled me and made me question king's motives. The book is truly a puzzle that can be hard to decipher for most. I found the book to be challenging but entertaining and interesting. One thing I found that was consistently mentioned throughout all the stories included in Green Grass, Running Water was water. I wonder why King includes water throughout the book. I wonder what water represents to King and the characters in the story. The water seems to be a means of necessity and I wonder if King mentions water to show how no matter how different people are they will always need water. King also mentions the building of a dam and its purpose through Green Grass, Running Water. Unfortunately the dam breaks and floods the cabin and kills Eli. I did not understand why Eli had to die. Another thing that I realized was that the title of the book is Green Grass, Running Water. The significance of the title is to reference the U.S. government’s takeover of the Indian’s land. How the U.S. government did not allow for the Indian’s to live freely by their own customs. I also wondered why King pairs some of the characters together in Green Grass, Running Water. I saw the characters that he paired together but I did not understand why he paired some of the characters together. In the book King pairs Old Women with... ... middle of paper ... ... King references Moby-Dick but instead uses the name Moby-Jane. I found it funny when Changing Women and Moby-Jane were “swimming and rolling and diving and sliding and spraying” (248). Although I thought this passage was funny I had a hard time connecting it to the book. I would like to discuss how this connects to the book. I wonder if it is biblical reference to something. Another thing I found to be funny was the Dead Dog café. I did not understand its connection to the book but I found it to be funny that tourists would go there. Even if the Dead Dog Café sold actual dog meat why would a tourist want to eat dog? Coyote is a character I found to be funny. I found his ignorance and interrupting behavior to create some extra humor to Green Grass, Running Water. I also wonder what Coyote’s identity is. I would also like to bring this up in discussion.
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