Green Buildings

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The main function of architects is to design buildings for the present, with awareness of the past, but without compromising the design of future generations. Unfortunately, the current building construction around the world immensely affects the environment, contributing to global warming because 30-40% of world’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions is attributed to buildings. Therefore, architects should give the necessary importance to the design of energy-efficient buildings since it would significantly reduce the percentage of damage that current buildings have in the environment.
Scientists have spent a great amount of time trying to discover what is causing global warming. They have looked to natural cycles and events that are known to influence the climate. However, the amount and pattern of warming that has been measured in the planet cannot be explained just by natural factors. Therefore, the best way found to explain the changing climate pattern is to include the effect of greenhouse gases emitted by humans that is endangering important and necessary things. In fact, power plants burn non-renewable sources of energy as fossil fuels to generate electricity for homes and industries all over the world.
Current construction of buildings and the environmental disadvantages that this entails has concerned many countries all over the world, making them seek alternatives ways to satisfy the growing demand for the production of fossil energy in a more efficient way. Besides other contributors, obtaining natural resources as materials to build any structure consume energy and has an impact in the environmental degradation. The development of green buildings is extremely important because it would decrease the release of gre...

... middle of paper ... in different phases, for example, economically because it would dictates the total cost and the overall cost thought the years, and long-term efficiency and safety because with more details taken into consideration when designing and building the structure, the most effective results the building will have.

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