Green Banking Essay

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Assistant Professor
DEPARTMENT OF Studies in Economics
Karnataka State Open University
Mukthagangotri, Mysore

Green banking is different from traditional banking, as green banking focus on promoting environment friendly banking. Green banking is also known as ethical banking . In the environment friendly society “Go Green” mantra has become relevant in each and every aspect of business. There is a wave of change with all business activities to not only focus on profit but also on people and planet. Due to environment consciousness and awareness businesses can no longer run after profits only. There is a move towards green economy and in every sphere
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Ethical banks have started with the aim of protecting the environment. These banks are like a normal bank which aims to protect the environment and it is controlled by same authorities as what a traditional bank do. Green banking is like a normal bank, which considers all the social and environmental/ecological factors with an aim to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. It is also called as an ethical bank or a sustainable bank. They are controlled by the same authorities but with an additional agenda toward taking care of the Earth's environment / habitats / resources. For banking professionals green banking involves the tenets of sustainability, ethical lending, conservation and energy efficiency. There are many differences compared with normal banking, Green Banks give more weight to environmental factors, their aim is to provide good environmental and social business practice, they check all the factors before lending a loan, whether the project is environmental friendly and has any implications in the future, you will awarded a loan only when you follow all the environmental safety standards. Green banking can benefit the environment either by reducing the carbon footprint of consumers or banks. Either a bank or a consumer can conserve paper and benefit the environment. Ideally, a green banking initiative will involve…show more content…
Banks are required to include their green aspect in the lending principle. Every step taken today will mean a better global environment in future. So a policy measure to promote Green Banking is needed in India. Indian banks are running behind time in adoption of this green phenomenon. Serious steps are required to be taken in this regard.
Jha and Bhome (2013) conduct a similar survey as stated above to check and thereby create consumer awareness on Green Banking. Conducting interviews and using specially structured questionnaires for survey they state certain steps needed in Green Banking. Online Banking, Green Checking Accounts (ATM, Special Touch Screens), Green loans (low rate to those who wish to buy solar equipments) for supporting environment friendly residential projects, power saving equipments, Green Credit Cards, Paper Saving Mobile Banking are among few steps suggested by them. Green Banking will ensure organization’s move towards
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