Green Advertisements And Characteristics Of Effective Green Advertisement

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Green advertisements are those that propagate environmentally friendly lifestyles with or without the promotion of eco-friendly features of a particular product or a brand, or those that promote corporate social responsibility activities to build corporate reputation (Banerjee et al., 1995). The current thesis concentrates on green advertisements that encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly lifestyles by consuming green products of specific brands or companies. Green product advertisements (hereafter referred to as green advertisements) and conventional product advertisements differ as to their characteristics. For example, green advertisements often consist of ambiguous or scientific terms which confuse consumers such as “environmentally friendly”, “carbon footprint”. Besides, green advertisements often aim to create awareness of environmental issues and stimulate the demand of specific products by emphasizing on products’ eco-friendly features (D’Souza & Taghian, 2005). Due to the growing significance of green advertising, scholars have conducted research on various topics such as content analysis of green advertisements and characteristics of effective green advertisements. For instance, a content analysis research conducted in the US revealed that from 1990 to 2010, the majority of green advertisements were expressed in the responsibility frame (presenting the environmental issues in a way that emphasizes the responsibility of the government or individuals for the causes or solutions of these issues). In addition, most green advertisements had a positive valence but the percentage of positively framed message decreased over time (from 87.3% in 1990 to 73.7% in 2010) (VanDyke & Tedesco, 2016). Other studies on the ch... ... middle of paper ... ...ietnam use the terms “environmentally friendly” and “protect the environment” as the main green-related appeals although these terms lack information and are perceived to be ambiguous (see table 1). In addition, tactics which were used in Western developed countries such as using guilt appeals (including claims which induce a sense of guilt) and achievement appeals (including claims which induce a sense of achievement) are rarely used in Vietnam (see table 2). Therefore, in order to design effective green advertising messages in Vietnam, there is a need to explore how tactics used in Western developed countries would work for Vietnamese consumers. Table 1. Green-related claims in advertisements of consumer products in Vietnam (major brands only) Table 2. Green-related claims in advertisements of consumer products in Australia and New Zealand (major brands only)
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