Greek Mythology Essay

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Discuss the extent to which the myths of the Greeks and Romans reflect aspects of their culture
Myths assisted both Ancient Greeks and Ancient Rome to establish themselves and allowed myths to define and impact their status as a culture and with the world. Rome appropriated the majority of Greek Gods but had many standalone Gods for every aspect of their lives. Whereas, the Greeks were more educated and used philosophy to their advantage; in some turns they were more civilised than the Romans because of the type of civilisation they had cultured, meanwhile their myths assisted to involve into more of a culture that allowed them to deal situations in a more civilized manner.
The word “myth” is derived from the Greek word “mythos” and means
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If we look at Rome there are many contradicting myths explaining the beginnings, one for example is the twins Romulus and Remus. Pluratch tells the “story” how after the sack of Rome few people survived and escaped on ships . There was a lady of great stature named Roma, who settled were Rome is today and therefore the great city is named after her . Pluratch then goes on to give different example of how Rome received her name. He further explains the story of the twins that they were born to the great lady Roma, their uncle realising who they were sent them off in water to be found by wolves, they were eventually brought back into civilisation and after a sibling fight Remus ended up dead and Romulus became the first monarchy of Rome. That was an extremely brief description but it gives an ideal, of how genealogy can be established through Roman…show more content…
Due the Greek influence, the Romans developed a very complicated religious structure with many facets that must be adhere to. Greece could be considered one of the most intellectual beings in ancient time, they were responsible for many great Authors and Historians including Plutarch and Livy, who would venture into Rome to gather what they information they could to explain who they were. Greeks and Romans believed in their Gods and the reasons behind them. In both Greece and Rome, Religions and myth were so intertwined with life, they ensure that all was well, and if you performed the correct festival/ritual at the correct time, it would ensure safety and your food would be well, the word would be in
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