Greek Gods In Greek Mythology

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The Greeks did not have all their stories written in one place. Instead, their mythology began as tales and were passed from generation to generation. The gods and goddesses from Greek Mythology ruled from their own personal heaven on top of Mount Olympus. These gods were believed to look just like any man or woman and felt emotions just as humans would. Before the Olmpians first came the all powerful Titans. The Titans were the offspring of Gaia and Uranus, mother earth and the god of the sky. Their first six children were hideous beast so Uranus locked them away down in the underworld. The couple continued to have children thirteen to be exact and Uranus thought them to be absolutley gorgeous, so he bestowed powerful gifts upon his children.…show more content…
Hera is Zeus 's wife so she is considered the queen of the gods, but she also the goddess of women and marriage. Aphrodite ,which had the looks to prove it, is worshipped as the goddess of beauty and love. Apollo is the god of prophesy, music, poetry and knowledge. Ares got an awesome power of being the god of war. Artemis is a good role model for women as she is the goddess of hunting, animals and childbirth. Athena is a very respectable woman as she had a man 's job but she made being the goddess of wisdom and defense seem easy. Demeter was given the task of blessing crops as she is the goddess of agriculture and grain. Dionysos probably had the best job as he is the god of wine, pleasure and festivity! Hephaistos is the god of fire, metalworking and sculpture , hich probably had a lot of worship when the artistic style of Greece changed. Hermes is basically Zeus errand boy, but what would a god expect when he is the god of travel, hospitality and trade. Poseidon is the god of the sea. Hades is the god of the underworld. Hestia is the goddess of home and family. Eros is the god of sex and minion to…show more content…
When the rich and poor started to fight against each other like they never had before a few citizens tried to make the government see the problem but were killed for their action. In the third century Rome could not seem to find its way out of trouble. Not only was their conflict inside the empire that was created by so many transitions of elected officials and those elected officials being slaughtered by those that put them in power Rome was also hit by outside forces. Rome was able to find calm, albeit temporary it was able to breathe all thanks to Diocletan. Not everything he did brought peace upon the empire. Diocletian divided the nation into two compartments and selected rulers to help him rule the two sections, east and west. When Diocletian and his helpers stepped down and left the reconnected nation to an individual soul , Constantine, the system they had built could not withstand the new ruler. Constantine did not give in to this defeat, instead he moved to the capital and changed its name to Constantinople and made the official Roman religion Christianity. Thirty years after Constantine death the empire would once again be split between east and west. The east continued to hold its own for ages to come. The western civilization destroyed itself with fighting in the nation, but eventually its downfall would be from the outside force that were pushing againist them. After years
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