Greek Geometry Essay

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In this short paper, I will be discussing the history of geometric thought surrounding the Greeks. I will also include what the Greek culture contributed to geometry and how they used it. It is almost unavoidable for a student in nearly any math course, regardless of level, to hear about famous Greek mathematicians. This is because they made so many discoveries that are directly related to many of the math principles in use today. A small example of this idea is that we are in an entire course dedicated to geometry. This is for a good reason, because as I will now discuss, the geometry discoveries of the Greeks are invaluable to the world of mathematics. Looking through all the most famous mathematicians, you will find that quite a few of them…show more content…
For this reason, geometry is the study of mathematics relating to concepts including sizes, shapes, and position with the properties of space. But it is worth noting, the Greek did not “invent” Geometry but they did help mold our understanding of it into how we view modern geometry today. We also have to understand the Greeks had a very unique culture. They were extremely sophisticated and prized philosophical and scientific thought. To give an idea of who the key people were who played a major role in the history of geometry and also mathematics as a whole in Greece, we will look at five different mathematicians and briefly discuss their findings. The first Greek mathematician I will discuss is Thales of Miletus. Thales of Miletus is not only known to be the first Greek mathematician, but also the first mathematician in the whole world. In order to find the various heights of pyramids and how far ships were from the shore, Thales used geometry. Additionally, Thales is known to be the first person to use deductive reasoning applied to geometry and also to have a mathematical discovery attached to their name. Thales theorem states that an inscribed angle in a semicircle is a right angle. One interesting…show more content…
Pythagoras and his followers held the belief that “all things are numbers”. He also thought the designs of buildings should include ratios. One building that used geometry was the Parthenon in Greece. The ratio of the width to length is the same value of the ratio of height to width. Making a ratio with the height, width, and length would give 4:6:9 which is in accordance with the discoveries of Pythagoras and his theorem. Archimedes also used his knowledge to help create and improve catapult weapons. He used these to help defend the Greek against the Romans. The Greeks also connected their understanding of geometry and astronomy. They connected ideas they did not understand to the stars, such as the motion of the earth and the
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