Greek Contributions on Western Civilizations

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The ancient Greek civilizations contributed and influenced many Western civilizations. The ancient Greek’s achievements helped shape and inspire the basis of Western society. Their ideas of literature and theatre, architecture, and philosophy are still used today in the modern world.
The Greek society made long-lasting contributions, especially in the fields of literature and theatre. One of the greatest contributions from the ancient Greeks includes Homer’s epic poems. Still studied and read today, The Odyssey and The Iliad tell of heroes who overcome obstacles to achieve an ultimate goal. This storyline can be associated with the American film write, Indiana Jones. This popular film uses the same format as most ancient Greek epics as well as plays. These epics even encouraged the Romans to want to write their own epic poem about their life style and cultures. These texts have been thoroughly analyzed and examined by several Western civilizations. For almost 3000 years, these epics have inspired many western poets, artists, and authors. The ancient Greeks were said to have written the first plays, which have encouraged many of the Western civilizations. Antigone, a play by Sophocles, tells of a man who buries his brother, against king’s orders, and was killed while leading his rebellion (Document 6). The values expressed in Greek plays showed pride and care towards belief and others. Plays were often based off of popular myths and legends. In modern times, plays, musicals, and movies are also based off of myths, as well as tales and classic stories. Tragedies in Greece were plays that showed disasters, just like in modern societies. Comedies were plays that mocked Greek people and customs. These types of play formats were passed ...

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...still taught today in Western societies. The ancient Greek civilizations contributed and influenced Western thought.
The ancient Greeks have made many contributions to Western civilization in the areas of literature and theatre, architecture, and philosophy. Greece has influenced many modern countries to write epics and plays based on cultures and tales. Ancient Greek architecture has definitely influenced countries with their ideas of columns and pillars, as well as the idea of building in honor of people and important events. Western thought and knowledge can be seen to be influenced by the ancient Greeks, particularly in the areas of philosophy, math, and science. The ancient Greek society’s achievements have inspired the basis of Western civilization. The early Greek society has influenced many Western ideas for several different issues and modern achievements.
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