Greed Of The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

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in a selfish manner completely oblivious to the diseases that could be transmitted. Drugs were also selfishly abused and shared among Americans during this era, this also contributed to the spread of the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This greedy behavior proved fatal for thousands of people and left the survivors infected with the disease. Greed proved to be a big problem within this era as people were enjoying drugs, money, sex and fame excessively and created negative effects for future generations because of their pursuit for self-satisfaction. For example, most crimes that are committed are just for personal gain reason being people selfishly desire something that is not necessary nor theirs. Greed has caused individuals to lose their qualities as human beings with tempting feelings within themselves to obtain money, resources, and power and yet disregard the lies and harm they inflict upon others. The issue of greed has plagued human beings since the beginning of time. In more current times greed has developed within professional sports and continues to thrive as young adolescents are exploited by community colleges, universities, and professional leagues by having them perform proficiently in the sport even at the cost of the players health. On the other hand some athletes take part in similar actions and ignore their own health and wellbeing for their own personal gain whether it be fame or money. In the 2012- 2013 NCAA Division 1 Manual it states, "Intercollegiate athletics programs shall be conducted in a manner designed to protect and enhance the physical well being of student athletes" but still South Carolina defensive tackle Stanley Doughty underwent abandonment from NCAA after several of the chief 's surg... ... middle of paper ... ... actions and ignore or justify theirs in an attempt to seem superior in intelligence and that they have made the correct choices. Expectations of the future involving greed in America is that it will continue to increase dramatically due to more competition by which I mean the increase in population that will occur over the years. Competition will cause individuals to think about themselves and not others reason being resources will become scarce, jobs will be limited and with the increase in population individuals will desire to have more wealth than the next person and engage in less ethical behavior if necessary to obtain it. People will begin to behave in a less righteous manner by committing more crimes for example shoplifting, identity theft, and home invasions. Future predictions include that wealthy people will continue to be more involved in immoral behavior
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