Greed-A Butt

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“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed,” said Mahatma Gandhi, a peaceful, yet inspirational, figure of Indian independence. This quote better shows the overwhelming abundance of greed that persists in present-day society and perennial characteristic of the so-called “deadly sin.” With its ill-famed reputation, greed has grown to become a behavior similar to that of a deadly epidemic crippling the minds of the youth and elderly alike. As the world’s resources continue to dwindle, the problem of greed will inevitably be exacerbated, solely leading to the collapse of emotional well-being and exponential growth of destructibility. Existing among the poverty-stricken merchants to the wealthy bon vivants, greed thrives in various walks of life, each with their own contrasting cultures, and continues to breed turmoil, ill-will, and antagonism. Greed has undoubtedly served as a recurring, underlying theme of humanity both in ancient and present-day civilizations. Although September 1, 1939 may appear to a mere date in the eyes of many, it did indee...

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