Great Plains Women Essay

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Women of the Great Plains
When the United States was taking shape a nation, many events took place, and they played an important role in defining the country in different ways. One theme that comes up is the role women played in the development of America as a nation. For long, the society has been focusing on the role of men from different races and ethnicities in the development of America. The women of the Great Plains are among those that the American society had failed to recognize on many fronts, including their lives before America started to become a great nation in the mid-nineteenth century. These women lived between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains horizontally and between Arctic Circle and Mexico vertically, where the land is
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Barbie provides the example of Sacagawea, who is an idealized American Indian Woman of the early nineteenth century (60). According to Barbie, although Sacagawea is one of the most famous American Indian woman, who is recognized across America and even honored by her image being put on the dollars, there is little information about her. There are questions as to how she became that popular yet there is nothing much about her (60). However, there are suggestions that the reason she became popular was that she guided explorers through the Great Plains. Another woman considered a myth to some extent is Naturist Sakina 's who was married to a French man. According to Carter, Sakina 's ' history is unique because she was married to a non-native American, which was a rare union at that time (567). Historical journals about her assert that she was skilled, knowledgeable, and with an energetic personality that attracted many people. These assertions are purely based on the accounts of explorers that are not necessarily true or are
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