Great Gatsby Death Of A Salesman Analysis

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Great Gatsby vs Death of a Salesman
The American dream is something many people strive to achieve. In many ways, the “American dream” itself, is inevitably impossible to achieve fully. In both stories, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller both main characters strive to achieve the American dream, but ultimately fail. There are both similarities and differences in how they define success for themselves, the way in which they both chose to achieve their dreams, and finally the result in attempting to achieve their dreams.
Jay Gatsby, now a flamboyant, extremely hopeful and a suave man living the life of luxury defines success as having money, and working hard for what you want. Jay Gatsby grew up in a small town and was unbelievably poor, however he manages to reinvent himself by learning what it means to be a part of the “Upper Class”. He achieved the dream in some way, even though he did not do so in the correct way, he still achieved, in some ways the “American Dream”, but he was missing the key aspect of fully transitioning to the upper-class, which was winning Daisy Buchannan over. Gatsby fell in love, and he fell in love with the Ms. Daisy Buchannan. Falling in love with Daisy refined his whole dream. He wanted to win Daisy over, but at the time he met her, he was missing one very important thing: Money. He spent the next few years of his life trying to fulfill his dreams, as a result of working hard for what he wants. Whereas in Death Of A Salesman, Willy Lowman, defines success for himself as being well liked and knowing enough people, having a great and charismatic personality. That is what he defined success for himself as. Willy Lowman is an amateur salesman, who lives in an ...

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...tsby believes in working hard for success and Willy solely believes in lying your way to success and being well liked, Willy does not believe in working hard for success. Both Gatsby and Willy attempt to achieve their dreams, however Jay Gatsby does not live a life based thoroughly on an illusion. Some lies that Gatsby told were parts of the truth, whereas Willy Lowman believes that he is successful, popular and a good father, none of this is true. Finally one can say that the way in which attempting to achieve their dreams ultimately lead to both Jay Gatsby and Willy Lowman’s deaths. Reading both stories one may come to a conclusion that the “American Dream” itself, may have to stay a dream forever. That it loses its meaning if one actually achieves what they initially wanted, or that once one have achieved it, they realize that it was not so great to begin with.
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