Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

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Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Chapter one and chapter fifty-six in Great Expectations are in contrast with each other, they focus on the beginning and the end of Pip's relationship with Magwitch. I am going to investigate the change in the relationship between Magwitch and Pip, and the possible reasons behind them. Great Expectations focuses on Pip and we view the narrative through his eyes. In chapter one Pip, would have been about seven years of age and Magwitch would have been in his late thirties. To Pip, Magwitch seemed a 'being from another planet' and the way Dickens has used the innocence of a child and the 'fearful' convict makes Pip's reaction to Magwitch as a character much more frightening and so gives Magwitch a memorable and aggressive entrance to the book. Moreover, even though Pip is terrified of Magwitch, he still looks up to him as his adult superior. In Great Expectations, Dickens could use his own experience of life and the law to contribute to the atmosphere. Dickens spent most of his life in London where he routinely walked the city streets ten or twenty miles at a time and he could apply his unique power of observation to the city to grasp the sights, sounds, and smells of London into his descriptions. When Dickens was twelve, his father was imprisoned for debt and this made Dickens recognise the law as it was. He was also forced to work in blacking warehouse and I do not think that he ever forgot this humiliation of his father's imprisonment, especially because of the way he describes the court in chapter fifty-six of Great Expectations: 'I could scarcely believe, even as I write these w... ... middle of paper ... ...ter fifty-six, after finding out that he was Pip's benefactor and that his meeting with him on the moors at the start of the book changed his life forever, Pip feel that he owes Magwitch a lot and wishes to thank him, by taking care of him. I think that the main feelings Dickens was trying to convey in chapter one, to do with the relationship, are isolation, fear and meaning. Chapter one also ends with Magwitch walking towards the 'gibbet' towards his death. The main feeling Dickens was trying to convey in chapter fifty-six to do with the relationship are love a trust and care. We can therefore see how Dickens has used similar settings for both chapters, changing the atmosphere between Magwitch and Pip and we can how much Magwitch has influenced the life of Pip and the trust and care they share for one another.

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