Great Educational Advancements During the Renaissance

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During the Renaissance, great educational advancements occurred in geography, astronomy, chemistry, physics, and engineering. The discovery of ancient scientific texts that were hidden because they were considered heresy and witchcraft, was increased after the Fall of Constantinople in 1453. Also, because of the invention of printing which would create new learning opportunities and allow new ideas. But, in the beginning, some see the Renaissance as a time of scientific regression. Humanists wanted people to study subjects like politics and history other then the study of philosophy or math. Other people have focused on the positive influence of science during the Renaissance, like the discovery of the anatomy of the human body. There were many scientific advancements during the Renaissance that helped humanity now and then.

During and after the Renaissance of the 12th century, Europe experienced an intellectual revolution, especially with their interest in the natural world. In the 14th century, however, an event that would come to be known as the Plague started. When the Black De...
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